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  "The Pregnant Husband's



The Pregnant Husband's Handbook
by Jeff Justice
Illustrated by Clark Taylor
Strawberry Patch  

The Pregnant Husbands Handbook is the funniest baby shower present you can buy for a man. Both husband and wife will roar!

When your pregnant mate asks, "Do I seem crabby?" would you answer "NO, honey, I think that salesman deserved to die" or perhaps "No, Dobermans always shake like that" or better yet, "No, dear, you're truly a joy to be with".

This fun, cartooned multiple-choice book provides great laughs for the expectant couple and is hilarious to pass around at baby showers.

"What do you think about breastfeeding?" "Tastes great; less filling!"
"Don't you think it's 'all baby'?" "Certainly. 50-pound babies are very common!".

And many more...

Paperback -- 96 pages -- ISBN: 0961830689
8-1/2x5-1/2x1/4 inches -- 5 ounces

COST $5.95  BUY NOW!



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