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  You Know You're Pregnant When...

You Know You're Pregnant When...
by Jeff Justice and Diane Pfeifer
Illustrated by Clark Taylor
Strawberry Patch

Does black coffee turn you green? Do you use your tummy for a table? Is your favorite ice cream flavor Jalapeno-Ripple? If you know that Braxton-Hicks is NOT a law firm...

Then you need this fun cartoon book for expectant moms. Hilarious illustrations and all-too-true observations will fill up those long months and let you know you're not alone when "a BLT is a bacon, lettuce and Tums" or "you do the Lambada just to sit down". Laugh while you still have time!

Paperback -- 96 pages -- ISBN: 0961830646
8-1/2x5-1/2x1/4 inches -- 5 ounces


COST $5.95  BUY NOW!


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