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  "How To Ad Lib Like A
Professional (or just look like one)"


















How To Ad Lib Like A Professional...

(Or Just Look Like One)

I'm so excited about my latest product, the CD version of "How To Ad Lib Like A Professional...(Or Just Look Like One.)"

These Ad Libs and savers are so good that you'll be praying that something goes wrong during your presentation just so you can use them.

Some of the situations covered:

What to say when...

  • The lights go out
  • Mic feeds back
  • Food is late
  • You forget your place
  • You trip over your own words
  • Loud noises from next door
  • The room is too hot or cold
  • Your notes or power point have a mistake
  • and many more

The book has been a super seller but the advantage of getting the CD, if you're only getting one or the other, is you can hear me saying my favorite ad libs so you understand the way they should be delivered.  Humor is 10% material and 90% delivery!  Secondly, I've also included a second section with just the set- ups so you can practice the appropriate Ad Libs at your leisure.

Just think, while you’re in the car, out exercising or cutting the grass you can be learning to Ad Lib Like A Professional.

You’re asking yourself, “Why get the CD instead of the book?”  Because you’re human.  If you’re like most people, you'll breeze through the book and make a mental note to try some of the Ad Libs the next time the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately the next time a great Ad Lib opportunity presents itself instead of it rolling off your tongue like a seasoned pro, you'll be trying to remember what to say and how to deliver it.

There is no substitute for practice.  My delivery and comfort with using Ad Libs has come from years of experience dealing with different interruptions in live situations over and over again.  With this CD, you

can practice in private then be ready to WOW them in public!

Put in the time now and reap the laughter later.

Since most people want both the CD and the book so they can read the Ad Libs, listen to them and practice I'm offering them as a set for the reduced price of $24 plus shipping.

Click Here To Order Online the CD $19 + Shipping  

Click Here To Order Online the Book $10 + Shipping

Click Here To Order Online the E Book $10

Click Here To Order Online the Special Package $24 + Shipping for both the CD and the book or E Book.

Also To order call 404-262-7406 or send a check or money order to:

Jeff Justice
Corporate Comedy
P. O. Box 52404
Atlanta, GA 30355-0404


HUMOR Resources Director
P. O. Box 52404
Atlanta, GA 30355-0404


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