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Sharing the humor makes it even more fun. That's why Jeff offers tips, jokes, stress busters and funny stories you can use for whatever purpose you like.

Jeff's Clean Jokes You Can Use

Jeff's Presentation Tips

  • Jeff Justice's How Not To Bomb (below)
  • Jeff Justice's How To Write A Top Ten List (below)

Jeff's Stress Busters



Jeff Justice's How Not To Bomb Tips
Twelve Ways To Keep From Bombing
OK, I misled you a little. The only way to keep from ever bombing using humor is...Not to use it! Of course if you do not use it most likely your program will bomb. Even though no one can make your humor bomb proof I promise you that if you follow my twelve ways to keep from bombing you will have the best chance of hitting a home run with your humor.

1. Never announce that you are going to do a joke.
2. Never apologize for telling a joke.
3. Prepare.
4. Make sure the joke is relevant to your subject. Never force humor on your audience
5. Never do sexist, ethnic, religious, political, racist jokes or blue humor.
6. Never embellish or stretch out a joke.
7. Always research your audience.
8. Make sure your punch line is delivered clearly and with energy.
9. Don't laugh all the way through telling the joke.
10. Never put down the city you're in or the group you're talking to.
11. Add some humor that pokes fun at yourself.
12. Make sure you make a connection between you and your audience.

Jeff Justice's How To Write a Top 10 List
Right off the bat I'm going to make this process fifty percent easier for you. Never write a Top 10 list. Make it a Top 5 because:

First, it's hard to come up with 10 really funny things. The only reason David Letterman gets laughs all the way through is he has a band punching it up with rim shots and musical cues.

Second, audiences have really short attention spans. When I started customizing Top 10 lists for clients it was apparent from the very first one that 10 was too much of a good thing.

Third, it's much easier!

Jeff's golden rule for Top 5 lists is, "End on the funniest, begin with the second funniest and put the other three in the middle."

How to write it:
1. Pick a subject (ie, Rolling Stones) and make a list of everything you can think of regarding this subject, especially nouns or phrases,. In this case, that would include song titles.

My list would include the following, plus much more. (The more the better):

Brown Sugar
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Big Lips
Can't Get No Satisfaction
Rock and Rollers
Start Me Up

2.       Now pick an adjective that describes your subject. The first one that comes to mind for my example of Rolling Stones is “old”. 

3.       Now make another list of everything that you can think of that has to do with getting old, such as:

Social Security

4.       Now choose one item from each group and put them together with a little exaggeration to form your idea. In this case, it will be titles for their 1999 tour.


The Top 5 names for the Rolling Stones tour are...

5.       Big Lips and Polygrip tour.
4. The Brown Sugar and Bran tour.
3. Hey, you get off my Catheter tour.
2. Grumpy Old Men tour
1. Start me up with Viagra tour.

In my corporate workshops, I teach the group how to write Top 5 Lists on subjects meaningful to them like,

"The Top 5 things you'd never hear from a customer."

They come up with, "Could you please keep me on hold longer? I was enjoying the Musak."

The groups must write their own lists to present at the end of the session. After the laughter subsides, I point out that if they reverse the Top 5 list they've identified five negative things they actually do hear from their customers. Then we spend time developing humorous and appropriate responses for when those situations occur.


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