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  Funny Eyes


Evil Eyes

I'm sure you noticed, they are the professional models, they glow in the dark!

These are always the hit. Most of my clients make sure that everyone leaves with a pair.

Here are some of the lines I use with them:

  • "Someone has got to fix the door on that microwave!"

  • "Wow! That's what I call hot sauce!"

  • "Can you believe it? Five bucks for contacts!"

Cost: $2.00 a pair, minimum 1 dz. pairs.

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Check that stress!

The wallet-sized Tensometer will measure your stress level and give you suggestions for lowering it.

Cost: $1.00 ea., minimum 1 dz.

Buy Now

Special offer:

Purchase 12 or more "Managing Stress With Humor" cassette tapes or "He Who Laughs...Lasts!" video tapes and I'll throw in a Tensometer and Evil Eyes with each tape!





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