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Clients and Workshop Participants share why they think Jeffs humor has made a difference in their careers.

"Your presentation and delivery was exceptional"
The session you conducted for me was outstanding and I would recommend these types of sessions for anyone. Using humor in dealing with daily stress is not a new concept, but your presentation and delivery was exceptional and really brought the message home.

- Keith Tolbert,
Asst. VP-Budgets-BellSouth

"You were terrific!"
You were terrific! What a great ending to our leadership training weekend. You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"! Honestly, after two days of intense learning, you provided just the closing we were hoping for. I especially liked the way you were able to involve the audience "personalities" by using information from your interviews with them.
-Wendy Todd
Chapter Service Manager, International Association for Financial Planning

"Right on the mark!" 
Your presentation was right on the mark! Our management leadership team meeting needed to address the stress issue in an informative, uplifting manner. You were able to entertain and educate us as well.
Thank you for adding value to our conference. I look forward to seeing you in the future. 
- Alan Martin,
VP Human Resources, Southern Company

"It was a home run! A smash hit!"
It was a home run! A smash hit. On behalf of the GSAE Board and members, thank you for a fantastic program. I have received faxes, calls and personal comments, all voicing that this was among the very best programs GSAE has ever presented.

The workshop MegaNetworking was dynamite! As one participant commented, You can not attend a Jeff Justice workshop without being both entertained and educated; you'll be glad you attended. Another executive commented to me that his colleague who attended said it was the best workshop she had ever attended. On a scale of five, you got a 4.8! That's as close to perfect as we get!
-Diane James, CAE
Executive Director, Georgia Society of Association Executives

"Joyfully exhausted..."
I have never seen this crowd have so much fun and learn at the same time. I was joyfully exhausted by the time you finished - and anxious for more! I'd recommend you to anyone!
- Michael Barr,
VP, TRC Staffing Services

"The best luncheon we've ever had!"
What an incredible FIND you are! Our employees can't say enough about how much fun we had. We are all convinced it's the best luncheon we've ever had.
- Sue Mushock,
Account Executive, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau

The response to the presentation you made at the AMC, Inc. staff meeting was unbelievable. My computer was flooded with e-mails from employees who loved your message and your delivery of it. They are already asking when you are returning for an encore presentation.
-Lawrence B. Gardner,
VP Human Resources, AMC, Inc.

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