Meeting Planning Information

Jeff makes booking him easy. Here are a few simple logistical items you can follow when scheduling Jeff.
Please provide airport information and best ground transportation information. If possible, fax or email Jeff
a map from the airport to the venue and to the hotel. The more information you give him the better chance he’ll find it.
Jeff flies Coach east of the Mississippi and Business or First Class west of the Mississippi. He has 36″ legs and needs a bigger space to put them on long trips. He’s tried putting them over the seat in front of him but that never get’s a good response.
King, non-smoking
Either lavaliere or hand held with floor stand. The floor stand is a must for the handkerchief trick. Please check with Jeff.
You may audio or video tape Jeff if you discuss this with him prior to the event. Please let Jeff know if you are planning to use IMAG.